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A Night Out


Get away from the boy's and come bring 8 of your friends in for the latest makeup tips & tricks. Our Licensed makeup artists will analyze your skin tone and provide you the latest trends in the industry in a private setting. Have fun, let loose and relax.   Each person will have their skin tone matched to ensure proper coverage. At the end of the class  you will than be given a gift card for $60 worth of makeup.. What you mean it only costs $15 a person? Wow...

Hot Topic's: Sanitation, The right fit, Purpose, how to / what to use, When to use, Express makeup tips & tricks and skin care.

What's Included:  non-alcoholic Fruity Wine (Alcohol available with permit), finger foods.

Total Event Time 1.5- 2  hours

$75 per person Min class size of 6 people (max 8). Each person will receive a FREE $60 gift card in which they can use for cosmetic or skin care purchases.