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Soft Deep Exfoliation Peel Foot Treatment


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Anti-bacterial & odour-busting Restore your feet to its original baby-soft & flawless conditions Sole Soft Deep Exfoliation Foot Treatment is a

Bamboo Nail Brush with Natural Pumice


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Bamboo Nail Brush with Natural Pumice Our Bamboo Nail Brush with Natural Pumice is dual-sided, softens cuticles and removes dead skin

Natural Foot Oil Elixir


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  Elixir Organic Foot Oil Intensely nourishes and moisturizes for 24 hours, feet are soothed and regain long-lasting softness. Enriched

Unbleached Cotton Socks


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Natural Unbleached Moisturizing Socks Moisturizing Treatment for Feet Our Unbleached Cotton Moisturizing Socks seal in moisture, leaving feet soft and smooth.

Spa Lava Pumice Stone


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Natural Pumice Stone Our Lava Natural Pumice Stone is perfect for exfoliating calluses, rough spots and build-up of dead skin on your

Unbleached Cotton Gloves


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Natural Unbleached Moisturizing Gloves Moisturizing Treatment for Hands Unbleached Cotton Gloves Cotton gloves seal in moisture leaving hands soft and

Rx Soothing Salve


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98% Naturally Formulated With Organic Lavender & Tea Tree Oils

VEGAN NOTE: This product contains Bees Wax, but otherwise Vegan approved.