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Non Woven Gauze 2 x 2

Non Woven Gauze 2 x 2 Non-woven gauze 2×2 are manufactured from (polypropylene) material, Non Sterile Packaging. Sterile Packaging available,

8-Piece Professional Artist Makeup Set


Professional Brush Cleaner

$15.00 $12.00

70 ml Professional Brush Cleaner

Magic Makeup Remover Cloth

$10.99 $8.79
Magic Makeup Remover Cloths The Magic Makeup Remover Cloths are compact, reusable, ultra-soft, and removes makeup in seconds. Machine washable and dryer

Camouflage Conceal

$11.70 $9.36
Use this brush to apply and blend cream or liquid concealing products. Easily conceal targeted areas such as blemishes, dark

Mini Blenders (PKG of 2)

$6.99 $4.99
Perfect makeup applicator for even coverage in inner eye corners, brow bones, sides of nose, cheeks, and more.

Slanted Tweezer

$8.99 $6.99
This pointed tip tweezer has the perfect shape to remove hair. Its slant allows for getting a good grip on

Precision Lash Curler

$13.99 $8.99
Designed for exact precision to target those areas of your lashes that often get missed by conventional lash curlers. From

Full Lash Curler

$15.99 $11.99
Our Full Lash Curler is exclusively shaded in Sparkling Silver  With its simple “squeeze and release” motion, shape your natural

Dome Powder

$26.37 $21.10
Use this brush to conveniently and quickly apply and blend powder products to large areas of the face, neck, and

Fluff Shading Makeup Brush

$11.70 $9.36
This firm, flat brush is great for packing color on the lid. Use this brush easily build color by repeatedly

Precision Angle

$11.70 $9.36
Due to the soft natural bristles and the angled shape that this brush contains, it is the ideal tool for

Precision Fluff

$11.70 $9.36
This brush has been perfectly shaped to easily glide across the crease. Add shape, depth, and blend your eyeshadows flawlessly

Angle Shader

$14.85 $11.88
This brush is ideal for shading and blending. The angle perfectly glides within the crease to blend and deposit soft

Blush Brush

$22.50 $18.00
Softly accentuate and add color to the cheek and cheekbone area with this tapered blush brush. Natural goat hair Long

Foundation Brush

$22.50 $18.00
This brush is constructed with luxurious Japanese nylon which is ideal for picking up and depositing liquid or cream products

Silkline Cotton Toe Ropes

Silkline Cotton Toe Ropes Features 100% cotton: comfortable and absorbant Flexible: easy to use Lint free Length: 6″ (15.2 cm)

MedPro Cotton Applicator 6″

6″ 2 per sterile pack / 100 packs per box

Makeup Setting Spray

$18.75 $15.00
Setting Spray This nearly weightless setting mist integrates natural antioxidant properties from plant extracts. It helps your makeup set into